Tunisians Sowing Seeds of Hope



I was among a group of Tunisian teachers of English who came to Sicily, Italy, at the end of August 2016 to be part of EdYoufest Sicily. We met Julie Pratten. Her ‘Tent of Hope’ drew our attention. So, we decided to attend her session which was titled, Zero-Resource Classroom. During the session we learned of Heart ELT, an initiative of Hope that many people around the world have been involved in to make education accessible for those who are deprived from the basics of life. We kept talking to her about how Tunisian teachers could lend a hand to that initiative and at the end of Julie’s workshops, we agreed to publish a collaborative book, A-Z of Hope Warmers, for the benefit of refugee kids.




EdYoufest was over and everybody went back to thie home country. Although, we were busy with our hectic lives, we kept in touch to bring this project to life. In coming together to collaborate on this writing project, the Tunisian delegates, including a high-school student and a university student, and some teachers from Europe and Japan have set an impressive example of tenacity and enthusiasm. In a flurry of messages via Messenger with an email chain from Julie providing us with formatting guidelines, templates, tips, the energy and inspiration in this group of people made the project a reality just in over two weeks.

This initiative has been my muse since I heard of it. I wrote several poems. Here’s one of them:

Seeds of Hope

Many suffer and mope

What a shame!

Many are at the end of rope

We left them groping for hope

On a slippery slope


Thank God!

Many of us hold the seeds  

Of hope and good deeds

Join us for a positive stand

 And let hope beatify the whole land

© Chaouki M’kaddem



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