Teachers Around the World Have Hope for a Brighter Future

Teachers Around the World Have Hope for a Brighter Future

Unfortunately, not every child has access to education in our days because of poor conditions and a lack of resources. This is a serious problem, and as teachers we are always trying to fill this gap. Heart ELT is an organization that has responded to such a gap and its contributors are dedicated to supporting educational projects and teachers who want to help ‘forgotten’ children to go to school. In addition, one of the underlying aims of Heart ELT is to gather all teachers around the world, help them to share ideas and experiences, get in touch with each other and collaborate to create material and share their ideas. We welcome the mission of Heart ELT and try to contribute, to share it in our personal learning networks and in our circle of friends. We will also try to develop some materials as well as facilitate the creation of crowdsourced materials for the project. As the materials should also have a deeper cognitive function besides teaching English, I wanted to mention one of the latest Heart ELT blogs which really touched me. In this blog ‘Clever Foxes’ teach children about social issues. ‘Goodbye Emma’ is a very sad story; It is based on a true story of a child being told by her parents that she must leave her home because of war to go on a long journey and has to leave her pet behind. After reading this story, children can understand and imagine what it means to be a child refugee. It helps them relate to the hardships borne by refugees, both physical and emotional. The author of the blog and the Clever Fox Press story books, Julia Fuxman, was herself a refugee. I would also like to suggest that teachers introduce the stories of Aileen Fisher to their students. These stories help kids recognize and appreciate nature, understand how humanity is connected with nature and learn how nature helps people.
To sum up, we can say that Heart ELT is a very worthwhile project and as teachers we should all do our best to embrace it and support it. We cherish the day when all children will be able to live in harmony and peace and share equal opportunities.

Taguhi Sirakanyan is an English teacher from Yerevan, Armenia. She speaks English, Italian and French. She teaches English online, via Skype and has also worked in training centres and social organizations.

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